The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC Builds, Optimizes, Markets, and Maintains “Exclusive City Landing Pages” to “showcase” and promote the Websites of qualified REALTORS®, Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, Home Improvement Companies, Closing Service Providers, Insurance Agents, and other Professional Real Estate Service Providers throughout the USA. 

Exclusive City Website Showcase Marketing is available to Network Members
on a First Reserved basis and at Little or No Cost, as follows:

Silver Member

RESERVE ONE EXCLUSIVE CITY: $12/Month or No Cost with 2 Network Member Referrals  – As a SILVER Level Member, you have the Option to (1.) reserve Exclusive City Website Showcase Marketing for One City for $12/Monthly or (2.) after paying you first monthly marketing fee, you can eliminate further payments by using the “Refer a Member” tab at the top of our website. As soon as you refer 2 qualified Real Estate Service Providers anywhere in the USA who sign up for their own Exclusive City Website Showcase Marketing, there is No Cost for your One Exclusive City Marketing. REQUEST YOUR MEMBERSHIP

gold member

RESERVE ONE EXCLUSIVE CITY AT NO COST – The GOLD Level Membership is limited to qualified REALTORS® and other Real Estate Service Providers who provide Consumer Savings in the form of Fee Discounts and/or Real Estate Rebates of 20% or more. If this is you and you have a minimum of 4-years of local real estate service experience, you can REQUEST YOUR MEMBERSHIP HERE. Our System will promote your website exclusively for your Reserved Exclusive City at No Cost to you. 

platinum member

ADDITIONAL CITIES CAN BE RESERVED ANNUALLY AT A 50% SAVINGS  – As a SILVER or GOLD Level Member, you have the option to request Additional Cities you serve when you request your Membership.  Our System can Build, Optimize, Market, and Maintain additional Exclusive City Website Showcase Marketing Landing Pages as needed. Plus if you do offer Consumer Savings of 20% or more, our System automatically email you any “Requests for Savings Offers” we receive from Real Estate Consumers in any of the Cities you reserve No Additional Cost. REQUEST YOUR MEMBERSHIP