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Request your Network membershipOur System Builds, Markets, and Maintains Exclusive City Showcase Landing Pages for the Largest City in each County area we open. As a qualified Professional Real Estate Service Provider, you receive Exclusive Website Showcase Marketing and Referrals for your entire County area. All areas are available on a first reserved basis at Little or No Cost.

Step ONE – You can request your Network Membership by submitting in the Short and Secure Request Form below.  It comes straight to my desk and will not be shared. Thank you, Jay Rogers, Real Estate Broker.

Step TWO – I will check on the availability of Area or Areas you are interested in and attempt to contact you with the results within one business day. 

Step THREE – If  your Area or Areas  are available for your Real Estate Service Category, you can reserve your Membership with Exclusive Website Showcase Marketing & Referrals by agreeing to the Network Terms and Conditions to follow: