real estate savingsTo Represent the Best Interests of Consumers in the New World of Real Estate, we are building a Network of today’s most Professional, Innovative, and Generous REALTORS®. 

If you are an Independent, Full-Service Realtor with at least 4-years of local experience, we are pleased to offer you a choice of 3 Marketing & Referral Opportunities at little or no cost:

Our System Builds, Optimizes, Markets, and Maintains Exclusive Home Search & Savings Centers to provide Website Marketing and/or Prospect Referrals for qualified Realtor in Largest or Most Popular Cities in the United States.

We accept only one Realtor in each City for the following 3 Website Marketing & Prospect Referral Opportunities:

  • SEMI-EXCLUSIVE CITY PROSPECT LEADS –  Our System includes 2 Landing Pages for Buyers and 2 for Sellers, They are designed to help consumer while automatically send their contact information to up to 3 Realtors.

  • EXCLUSIVE CITY NEW HOME BUYER PROSPECT REFERRALS – This is for only One ABR in each city that specializes in New Home Construction and also provides a Home Buyer Rebate in any of the 40-State where they are legal. 

  • EXCLUSIVE CITY WEBSITE MARKETING & PROSPECT REFERRALS – Our System “showcases” and promotes only one REALTOR® Website that provides MLS Listing Search Results along with some type of Consumer Savings Offer. 

There are No Referral Fees to pay and each of the 3 Business Opportunities is available on a first reserved basis, as follows:

Your Request will come directly to my desk and will not be shared with anyone else. I will check on the City availability and try to reach you within one business day. 


Thank you for your Consideration,

Jay Rogers, REALTOR®

Owner & Broker of Charleston Homes For Sale Realty Company

Owner & Broker at eXp Realty 

Owner of and The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC.

(843) 849-7587 – Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm ET