The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC – herein referred to as the (The Company)
is Owned & Managed by Jay D. Rogers,  a
South Carolina Real Estate Broker: (SC License #24852).

The Company is an Exclusive Online Website Marketing and Prospect Referral Network for Real Estate Brokers, Team Leaders, qualified Realtors, and other Real Estate Service Providerrs. The Company Owns and Manages a number of real estate related Portals and Websites including but not limited to,, and, as well as The Real Estate Savings Center at The following Terms & Conditions apply to each of the Company’s Portals and Websites.

The Company Builds, Search Engine Optimizes, Markets, and Maintains Exclusive County Website Landing Pages to promote the websites of qualified Realtors and other Real Estate Service Providers in Counties, Cities, and Towns throughout the USA.  

Mission of the Company:  The Company’s Mission is to offer Time and Money Savings options, as well as helpful information to Real Estate Consumers by matching them to some of the most professional and cost-effective ways to locate, purchase, and/or sell residential real estate.

Goal of the Company and its Members:  The Goal of the Company and Network Members is to become recognized as a top resource for Home Buyers, Home Sellers, and other Residential Real Estate Consumers looking for the greatest Values in Professional Real Estate Services in their hometown and/or in their destination city.

No Agency Relationship or Partnership is created or implied. Although this Network Member Agreement expects both the Company and the Members to work together for the common good of the Real Estate Consumer, it is hereby understood by all parties that each is deemed independent of the another, and that this agreement does not constitute a formal Partnership, Joint Venture, or Agency Relationship between the Company and its Network Members.


WEBSITE MARKETING & PROSPECT REFERRALS   Real Estate Brokers and Team Leaders can reserve Network Memberships including Exclusive Website Marketing and Prospect Referrals on a First Reserved basis. For details, please select the “For REALTORS” at the top of the page. No Realtor Member may announce or imply their representation services are free or available at no cost to their customers or clients, unless the REALTOR® will receive no financial compensation from any source for those services.

QUALIFIED REALTORS® with ABR, BIC, CRS, ePRO, and/or GRI designations:  Real Estate Brokers and Team Leaders can Reserve Website Marketing for the above noted qualified Realtors. Providing or Assigning Exclusive Website Marketing to their qualified Agents in the Cities they prefer to work can be beneficial for Agent Retention and Recruiting efforts. 

REAL ESTATE SERVICE PROVIDERS: Memberships for qualified Real Estate Service Providers include Exclusive County Website Showcase Marketing at Little or No Cost. Countywide Landing Pages are built, optimized, marketed, and maintained by the Company for the following qualified Real Estate Service Providers:
 – Mortgage Lenders: National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) are preferred for Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, and Online Lenders.
 – Closing Service Providers: Real Estate Attorneys, Escrow Agents and Companies, and Title Insurance Firm are welcome to apply.
 – Home Inspectors: ASHI and/or InterNACHI Members are preferred for Home Inspections and Pre-Listing Inspections. Pest or Mold Inspectors are also welcome to request Membership.
 – Other Real Estate Service Providers:: The Company can also approve Membership for Insurance, Home Warranty, and Home Improvement Service Professionals. 


The Company Builds, Optimizes, Markets, and Maintains Exclusive County Landing Pages to showcase and promote the Websites, the Services, and any Savings being offered by Network Members. Also referred to as “Home Search & Savings Center” pages, the Exclusive County Landing Page are typically Search Engine Optimized for the Largest City in it’s the County and enhanced by ChatGPT Prompts when reserved for better “organic” placement on the Major Search Engines. 


GREATER VALUES FOR CONSUMERS & REAL ESTATE SERVICE PROVIDERS: the Company and its Portals including, and offers Network Members the option of paying Little or No Fees. Therefore, Network Members can be more flexible when passing on Savings an Better Values to Real Estate Consumers.

WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION: the Company shall have the Sole Responsibility to Review, Accept, and/or Reject Network Membership requests based on the qualifications outlined herein. Such qualifications can include but are not limited to at least 4-years of  Local, Professional Real Estate related experience, as well as Consumer Focused Time and/or Money Savings Services offered by the Applicant for Membership.

CONFIRMATION: If/when Network Membership is approved, a Company Representative shall attempt to notify the Applicant by phone and email within One Business Day to discuss the availability of current Exclusive Website Marketing Areas.

PRIVACY POLICY: Unless otherwise instructed, the Company hereby agrees not to share Member’s personal Information other than what is available on the Member’s Website. The Company does not sell or otherwise share Member’s personal information without the Member’s permission.

CAN-SPAM ACT: The Company hereby agrees to follow the policies outlined in the  “A Compliance Guide for Business” by the Federal Trade Commission for the CAN-SPAM ACT.

GUARANTEES: The Company hereby guarantees that each Exclusive County Landing Page is built and optimized for “organic” first page placement on the Search Engines for search terms such as “(County) MLS Listings”, “(City) MLS Listings, (City) Homes for Sale”, “(City) real estate services”, “real estate savings”, “best home search”, Real Estate Rebates, and/or other home or real estate related Search Terms. 

Many of our optimized Landing Pages can and will reach first page placement, however since Search Engine Results does change and Search Engines use different algorithms, server farms, and data centers, the actual “organic” search term results displayed on the Search Engines cannot be guarantee at any given position or time.   


CONFIDENTIALITY: Network Members are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any Personal Consumer information gained through their Network Membership. Member further agrees and warrants that all confidential elements and business practices related to these Terms & Conditions shall remain confidential and may not be shared outside of the Member’s firm with the exception of a review if required by Member’s legal counsel and/or by a Court of Law.

RESPOND PROMPTLY: As a Network Member, you agree to respond as soon as possible to any Consumer Requests for specific information including but not limited information on Homes for Sale, your Professional Services, or any “Request for Savings Offers” you may make as a Member. It is understood a prompt response is usually the very best way to convert Prospects into satisfied Clients or Customers. Ideally a prompt response is a personal response within 5-minutes and certainly within 30-minutes of request during normal business hours.

ASSIGNMENTS: Real Estate Brokers and Team Leaders can Assign Exclusive City Website Marketing only to qualified Agents within their own Brokerage. Any Assignment made by a Network Member must be approved by the Company, and can be requested during normal East Coast Business Hours to: Jay Rogers, Owner of The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC, or (843) 849-7587.

MEMBER ACCOUNTIBILITY:  Member is responsible for all activities that occur under their own real estate website and their own real estate company or franchise rules.

NETWORK MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS:   The Company uses the PayPal Credit and Debit Card Processing Service for Network Member Marketing Subscriptions.  NO COST, Monthly & Annual Marketing Fees, if any, are outlined under the “For REALTORS” and the “For SERVICE PROVIDERS” Tabs at the top of the website. 

COUNTYWIDE PROSPECT REFERRALS: The Company provides the option to receive “Requests for Savings Offers” on a First Reserved basis. No more than 3 Real Estate Brokers or Team Leaders in each County or County equivalent area will automatically receive such Prospect Referrals by email. There is a 10% Referral Fee payable to the Company when any of these Prospects turn into a moneymaking deal for the Member. A written Broker-to-Broker Referral Agreement will require signatures by bother parties to the Agreement.

CANCELLATION:  The Terms & Conditions of this Agreement between the Company and the Member shall be binding as outlined herein and shall remain in effect until such a time that the Member or the Company may give notification of cancellation. The Company or the Member may terminate this agreement with or without cause at any time with written notification of termination sent by email to the other party at least 2-business days prior to the proposed termination date.

CONSIDERATION: It is hereby understood and agreed that (1). If the Company is the terminating party, the Company shall refund any Monthly Marketing Fee paid by the Member within the last 30-days or the prorated balance of any unused Annual Fee paid.  (2). Should the Member cancel this Agreement, it is understood and agreed to that no further fees shall be due or payable, and any fees paid prior to the termination notification by the Member to the Company shall be non-refundable.  

INDEMNIFICATION:As a Network Member, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company, its owners, officers, employees, agents, and other Network Members or Affiliates from and against any demands, claims, costs, liabilities, losses and damages of any kind including attorney fees resulting from your use or misuse of the Company’s Website Marketing & Prospect Referral Systems, or for your breach of any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions outlined herein.

DISCLAIMER: Other than those included herein, the Company makes no representations or guarantees relating to its Exclusive Website Marketing and Prospect Referral System, its websites, web pages, Landing Pages, or other Company publications. It is also hereby understood that from time to time there may be technical or other difficulties beyond the control of the Company or beyond that of the Member. These may include but are not limited to the temporary loss of an Internet Connection, etc. Therefore it is hereby agreed by all parties such difficulties shall be remedied as soon as possible, and no such situation or similar situation that can be rectified shall be judged as a breach of these Terms and Conditions. All Systems, Programs, Portals, Websites, Web Pages, Landing Pages, or other Media created by the Company remain owned and controlled by The Real Estate Savings Center – a South Carolina Limited Liability Company. The laws of South Carolina shall govern this Disclaimer or the Terms or Conditions contained herein. Any disputes relating to this Disclaimer or the Terms and Conditions shall be settled by Arbitration Rules established by the American Arbitration Association, and any judgment for any award rendered by the Arbitrators may be entered into a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of South Carolina, City of Charleston.

THE COMPANY RETAINS THE RIGHT TO CHANGE OR UPDATE THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AT ANY TIME: In such an event the Company shall email Members with a notification of any planned changes or updates and a 3-day grace period to respond to:

 Jay Rogers, Company Owner of The Real Estate Savings Center, LLC

QUESTIONS TO: – or (843) 849-7587 – 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM ET – Monday-Saturday  

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