Real Estate SavingsAs a Realtor Member of The Real Estate Savings Center Network, you can refer your preferred local Service Providers for Marketing on your Exclusive City Website Landing Page. Qualified Service Providers include Mortgage Lenders, Home Inspectors, and Closing Service Providers. 

We will contact anyone you refer on your behalf to see if they are interested in Exclusive City Website Marketing. When at least 2 local Service Providers sign up for Website Showcase Marketing your Landing Page, your Marketing Fee is eliminated. You pay no marketing fees for as long as you  have at least 2 Service Providers marketing on your Landing Page. It is suggested you have all 3 sign up, so you still pay no Marketing fees if one decides to drop off.

Network Referral Program

If you are not yet a Network Member, Sign up Here for Exclusive City Website Showcase Marketing & Referrals. All Exclusive Areas are available on a first reserved basis.