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The Real Estate Savings Center is for any Homeowner looking to keep a lot more of their equity at closing. Our system takes the time necessary to locate and link Home Sellers to the great values offered by Realtors who are Certified Residential Specialists, ePRO Real Estate Professionals, and/or Graduates of REALTOR® Institute at

A Seller’s Agent is linked to at least two nationwide networks of Real Estate Brokers and/or Owners of Real Estate Company. (See Best Home Search and The Real Estate Savings Center below). All Agents in the networks have at least 4-years of Residential Listing, Marketing, and Selling Successes.

Sellers Agents in our network typically offer alternative to the Old Traditional One-Fee-Fits-All MLS Listing Service. Ask our Nationwide Network Realtors about “Full Service for Less” and/or “Fee for Service” Home Selling Solutions. The average home selling fee in the USA has dropped to around 5% and you can now receive Full Service for a total of 4% or less at closing at and at The Real Estate Savings Center at

  • was officially Re-Launched in August 2022 with easy access to more than 12,000 New Home Communities, and Realtors serving more than 500 MLS Association area in the USA. Best Home Search charges little or no marketing fees and no referral fees for their highly rated Realtors. This means Consumers can receive great service and a better overall deal for Home Buyers and Home Sellers.

  • – was re-launched in August 2021 The Online Home Search & Savings Centers are now being opened in all 50-States and DC. This Real Estate Network accepts only Brokers-in-Charge, Team Leaders, and highly-rated Realtors that have earned their ABR, CRS, ePRO, and/or GRI Designations. Find A Seller’s Agent that is a top Realtor who offers one of the newer, consumer-focused, flexible, and cost-effective real estate business models. Consumers can compare the Professional Services & Substantial Savings here.

  • CleverRealEstate.comClever says they negotiate lower fees with Agents Nationwide. This can be helpful in eliminating Real Estate Agents who are no willing to negotiable their fees. Most Realtors are already splitting their fees with their Broker or paying Referral Fees, Desk Fees, and Marketing Fees. Compare Clever to and to

  • Redfin Real Estate was founded in 2004 so it was one of the first “Full Service at a Discount” Brokerages. It went public in 2017 and is believed to now offer a home seller listing fee of 1.0% to 1.5% plus 2.5% to 3.0% in the MLS System to attract Agents with buyers. This is not the lowest Full Service Fee but in some areas you may be able to save an additional 0.5 if you also use the Redfin home buyer service. Plus in some areas, you might be able to negotiate a partial refund of their Agent commission when you use their service as a buyer.

  • – One of the newest entries to the Real Estate Refund and MLS Listings for Less arena is Simple Showing. Currently only in the states of Texas, Georgia and Florida, but with plans to expand to additional states. Their real estate business model includes a 1.0 Seller fee with the flexibility to offer 2.5% to 3.0% in the Realtors’ MLS system to attract Buyer Agent with Buyers. Simple Showing also offers a unique lockbox platform that allows Verified Buyers to Self-Tour Homes without a Buyer’s Agent. This can save thousands in Agent fees if that is how the Seller and the potential buyer prefer to work.   

A Seller’s Agent: Categories of Realtor Services

    • Full Service for Less or Flat-Fee Realtors® – The Real Estate Brokers associated with A Buyers Agent utilize cost-effective business models to provide a better Value. These Brokers can sell homes just as fast and for just as much as Traditional Realtors. However home sellers can normally keep a lot more of your equity at closing.  READ MORE


A quote from Julie Garton-Good’s book, “Real Estate a la Carte” published in 2001, and the same still holds true today:

Cutting-edge real estate professionals are using technology and new approaches like a “Menu of Service and Fees” and/or the “One-Stop Real Estate Shop” concept to meet pent-up consumer demand for smarter, faster, and less expensive ways to buy or sell a house or other real estate. The fact is that the Internet can save real estate professionals a lot of time and money, so more of these professionals are passing on some of that savings on to the consumer.” – Jay Rogers, Real Estate Broker &  Consultant.

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