home seller savings serviceThe Nationwide Real Estate Savings Center Network introduces Home Seller Savings from a growing number of “Full Service for Less” and “Fee for Service” Real Estate Company Brokers and Teams. These are the real decision makers who can help you keep a lot more of your equity at closing. Importantly, our Network Realtors pay No Referral Fees and little or no marketing fees. Therefore, they can afford to offer you what we think you will find it to be the unbeatable combination of Professional Services and Substantial Home Seller Savings!


How much is my House Really Worth?  The Real Estate Savings Center includes a Value Your Home Tool to get you started. Almost all Realtor offers a Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for a more refined evaluation. It is always a good idea to get multiple CMAs and make sure your Realtor can explain their valuations. Normally their estimates of Value will be close to the same. They should be using the same data on Homes that have Sold and that are currently on the market. Keep in mind that Buyer Agents and their Buyers also have access to the data so your homes True Value will be determined by how much a Buyer is willing to pay and you are willing to sell it for.       

Are Realtor Fees Really Negotiable? Yes! Some Realtors do Negotiate their Listing, Marketing, and Selling Fees and some do not. However a growing number of Realtors and Real Estate Companies put their Services and Fees right upfront on their Websites. Competition including “home seller savings” offers in the Real Estate Marketplace continues to drive Real Estate Agent Fees down. The national average in about 5% in 2021 and may continue to decrease as long as long inventory increase competition for listings. You will find the Realtor at The Real Estate Solutions Center can be flexible to you specific needs.  

What are the Basic Costs to get my home sold using a Realtor? In addition to your Realtor’s Commission, their are a number of other costs associated with getting your home sold. Of course, the biggest cost of course is paying off your current mortgage if you have one. Updating your property to increase appeal and add value is usually a necessary cost, and almost any Home Inspector is going to find some replace and/or repair issues. Then, home staging and keeping the utilities on, particularly for vacant properties, can cost a pretty penny but can cut the time on the market.  Other closing costs can include a closing Attorney or Closing Service Provider, Transfer Fees, the Seller’s Share of HOA Fees and Property Taxes. Plus many buyers today will also ask for the Seller to pay for some of the Buyer’s Closing Costs, or ask for a decorator allowance if new flooring or painting is needed, or a Home Warranty to give the Buyer better peace of mind. And don’t forget the Landscaping and good looking Front Door Hardware to give Buyer’s the best First Impression. These items can contribute at the closing table to home seller savings. 

What is the Average Time it takes to Get a Home Sold? More than location, a home sale is dependent on Demand, Price, Condition, and how the home is viewed by potential Buyers. De-cluttering the home and adding Professional Photography including Virtual Home Tours Floor Plans, and/or Video are big pluses to Buyers. This is what they want to see. Realtors at The Real Estate Solutions Center have a great deal of experience selling residential real estate and can hep you get your home ready for sale. They can help you get it sold within your time frame, and help ensure you keep more of your equity at closing.