Home Value Estimate ToolZillow can provide you with its “Zestimate”. Our Best Home Search & Savings Centers provides what we believe is a better estimate of True Value.

As a Real Estate Broker, I believe the Home Value Estimate Tool below is more accurate than the Zillow “Zestimate” tool. Therefore I have included it as part of the Best Home Search and Real Estate Savings Centers. I found my personal home’s value was by approximately $125,000 lower than a house across the street that was built in the same year by the same builder. My house backs up to a nice, small lake and the other house backs up to a busy road. Plus my house is about 10% larger and in about the same condition.

Of Course, for the Most Accurate Valuation, you should request a Certified Residential Appraisal. But for now, you may want to compare our Home Value Tool below to the Zillow Zestimate Tool.

Here is our complimentary Home Value Estimate Tool:

Since Real Estate is a very competitive business, you may want to compare some of the new Real Estate Business Models for home sellers. While Fee-For-Service and Flat Fee MLS Listing Agents have a following, “Full Service for Less” Home Listing, Marketing, and Selling plans now most popular. The average cost to sell with a Home Selling Specialist and with an offer in the Realtors MLS is around 5.0% nationally. It pays to shop around and our Best Home Search & Real Estate Savings Centers are here to help you do that.