Broker to Broker Referral Agreement


The Referring Broker, Jay Rogers the Owner of Charleston Homes For Sale Realty in Mount Pleasant, SC, shall utilize his Online Real Estate Savings Center Marketing & Referral System to generate Prospect Referrals for the Receiving Broker, and…

The Receiving Broker agrees to pay Charleston Homes For Sale Realty Company a 10% Referral Fee for Countywide Prospect Referrals generated and sent by the Referring Broker that turn into moneymaking deals for the Receiving Broker’s Company or Agents:

Both Brokers agree that the 10% Referral Fee shall be based upon the Gross Commission earned by the Receiving Broker’s Company prior to providing the consumer a Rebate or MLS Listing Savings. The Referral Fee is payable within 5-business days to the Referring Broker’s Company, Charleston Homes For Sale Realty.

Receiving Broker understands that Prospect Referrals are typically in the form of a “Request for Saving Offers” sent by email, and that the Receiving Broker’s email filters shall be set to allow emails from both and from Receiving Broker also understands that any Buyer and Seller Prospect Referral Forms generated can be sent to more than one Licensed REALTOR® in each County, so the Receiving Broker should respond promptly to convert any Prospect Referrals into Clients.

Prospect Referral Forms typically include Buyer or Seller level of Service Needed, Area of Interest, Price Range, and email address. Beta Tests have shown Phone Numbers are are also included when Prospects are seeking faster, and more personalized services.

Referring Broker: Jay Rogers – Charleston Homes For Sale Realty Company
1233 Spoon Court – Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 – (843) 849-7587 

Receiving Broker requesting Referrals for the COUNTY & State of ____________________ __

Receiving Broker (please print name): __________________________________________

Receiving Broker’s Signature:_____________________________________Date____________________

Phone:_____________________Website Address_______________________________

This Real Estate Referral Fee Agreement shall become active and remain in effect from the date signed by the receiving Broker and until such a time that either the Receiving or the Referring Broker may cancel the Agreement with a 5-day notification to the other by email or phone.

Please Print, Complete, and Return this Prospect Referral Agreement to –  Thank you!