Mortgage Loans and LendersBest Mortgage Loans should include Mortgage Lender Approval for a Realtor Rebate to make buying a home more affordable. Real Estate Rebates, also known as Agent Commission Splits, need to be disclosed to your Lender and to all parties to the transaction. Find  the Best Mortgage Loans and Savings at

Mortgage Lender Rebate Approval is usually quite easy in the 40-states where real estate rebates are legal. Home Buyer Rebates are typically shown on the Closing Documents as a Buyer Credit at closing. Rebates cannot be used toward the Down Payment but can be used toward Lender Fees and other typical Buyer Closing Costs, however some restrictions may apply. Importantly for Home Buyers, the IRS states Home Buyer Rebates are a cost associated with the purchase transaction and therefore non-Taxable to the Buyer.

For Example, this is how the United States Department of Justice lays out how Rebates work. They are legal and available in at least 40-States and the District of Columbia.

Flowchart: Buyer purchases home for $300,000 

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