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New Home CommunitiesThe Best House Builders and New Home Communities can be found on Real Estate Consumers can visit Best Home Search & Savings Centers that feature more than 12,000 New Home Communities. the “New Home Source” portal provide easy access to New House Builders throughout the USA. After viewing the short video below, please visit See what New House Builders have to offer in your Hometown or Destination City.

Most New Home Builders across the country offer Free Upgrades, Paid Closing Costs, Special Financing, and/or other Promotions.  However there are two things builders typically will not do: 1. lower the prices on their new home asking price. People who have already bought in the neighborhood, prefer to have homes prices appreciating not depreciating. 2. they will typically not provide you with a Rebate for not working with a Realtor®. This is where the Realtors at The Real Estate Savings Center and the Network can help.

The Realtors at are dedicated to representing your best interests. They can help your locate the homes that best suit your family’s specific needs. These highly rated Realtors can can help you get the best overall deal on your home and your mortgage. They can we can save you time and money throughout the home buying process. PLUS, OUR NETWORK REALTORS CAN PROVIDE HOME BUYER REBATES ON NEW AND RESALE HOMES. Also known as  Realtor Commission Splits, Rebates help make buyer your New House more affordable.