Affiliate Info

I’m building a new site for I will assign a Exclusive Affiliate Landing Page to only One Agent in each County area.

I plan to have a unique WP Affiliate Sign Up link or Short Code on each Agent’s Affiliate Landing Page so the Agent can earn Affiliate Income when another Agent Signs Up on their Page.

I will manually qualify and approve the Agent Sign Ups and they will have a choice of 4 Levels of Membership (Free, $10/month, $15/month and $20/month). I already have outside access to PayPal that also offers Annual Memberships at a 30% discount. I tried WP Affiliate before but don’t think there was a way to set up different payment levels.

I don’t need to use my current PayPal Account if there is a better way to Integrate what I am trying to do on my site. I do not think WooCommerce is the answer so what would be the best integration?
After I approve a New Member sign-up, I would like to assign them a way to Login to any income they have earned as a Network Affiliate. I have a Login link set up on the new sign but do not yet know what kind of form I should attach to give the Affiliates access.